What is 666 Encryption?

666 Encryption is an algorithm that let’s you encrypt information in a ciphertext of numbers. Or in other words, data or information is hide in a matrix of numbers. That matrix of numbers is ciphertext or scrambled information. Our goal with 666 encryption is to encrypt the whole web with 666 encryption. Another one of our goal’s is to encrypt the world’s money supply with 666 encryption. That includes the SWIFT money system in the world. We got goals to make a home security system with 666 encryption. 666 encryption or beast encryption will protect all the money in the world. 666 encryption is an symmetric encryption algorithm.

For example, this is what the encryption looks like for example.


Basically, the data inside that could be ciphertext and it could read something like, “chris clark” or something.

Pretty much, if 666 encryption is successful, it will be studied for centuries how it works. It’s quiet simple how it works. The algorithm on paper looks advanced, but it’s just an Unicode number hide in a matrix to make an code in the matrix of numbers. Chris Clark invented 666 encryption on the clark farm in Mississippi in a camper. And later finished it on 14 west on 229 Silas Dempsey Rd. in louisville, MS. It’s been a hell of a ride to get this encryption algorithm the way it is. And basically, it’s not done yet. There’s so much that can be done with 666 encryption.

Pretty much, if you have a dream, you don’t give up on it. You keep it alive. Don’t worry about the money. Because the money will take care of it’s self, if you have a big enough dream. And yes, dreams do come true! Pretty much, they take time. For now, I got to go.

Thank you, Chris Clark(A.K.A. the beast)

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