How did Chris Clark come up with 666 Encryption?

Well, pretty much, it wasn’t an easy process to come to the point that’s where it’s at on the 666encryption website. But pretty much, I thought somebody on my grandpaws farm broke into my camper and put and a virus in my computer. I thought it was somebody that was freemason and he was spying on me. Sorry that’s I’m on the little paranoid side there. But sometimes, with schizophrenia and bipolar you get paranoid or delusional. I had a lot of ideas I was working on the Clark farm. I always thought people was stealing my ideas, and I couldn’t ever get ahead. It seemed like when I tried, somebody else out there on the internet knew about my ideas. And plus all these encryption programs on the internet today, could possibly have a back door or key by the government in the world to spy on people’s data. So, there’s a lot of bullshit to fool with there. With, 666encryption, there’s no backdoors in it or keys that let’s the government spy on people’s private data. It will not be that way. The American people and the people in the world needs total security and privacy without spying on by some by government or big corporation like an encryption company that makes encryption software, when all they are putting out there is bullshit to know what somebody is up to or taking their hard earned secrets they worked on for life. I don’t trust “RSA encryption or AES”. They was pretty much made by the government. I will not put back doors in 666encryption to spy on users. When your software turns to shit, that’s when you go to shit. And people don’t trust you any more. And your ass is just b.s. and hateful toward poor souls that need security in this world from big government and big corporations that want’s to spy on your data. You can study my 666encryption demo algorithm. It’s no bullshit to it. No backdoors. It protects you from super computers and quantum computer hackers. It’s the best encryption software in the world. I personally made it that way myself for people that’s want complete control over their data. You can mark my words, if your words ain’t shit, you ain’t shit in this world. The world’s is in a mess of shit because of privacy of the government spying on you and big corporations making tons of money of off your data by spying on you. That’s a rule we will not do. We will never spy on you. If it comes to that, we will move our company to Russia or somewhere. We will move out of the United States to protect the interest of the users privacy and control over what they can store with 666encryption. But 666encryption was made by wanting to encrypt data in 6 numbers of a matrix of numbers. Like for example like this.








That’s basically, how the idea was started. And it took off from there.

An investor on Linkedin named Raskesh Gupta, contacted me and wanted to invest in 666encryption. It was called Triple 6 encryption then, but I renamed Triple 6 encryption to 666encryption. Cause in this world, bad names travel and resonate in the human mind better

than a good name like, goodwillencryption for example. That would be a weak name. You have to think like an evil scientist. And come up with an evil name if you want to stick out in this world when it comes to computer security or anything else that kicks ass in the computer world.

But other than that, I got to run for now, Thanks for stopping by,

I hope you have a great day,


Chris Clark (A.K.A. The Beast)

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